What Is The Functional Movement Screen?

The Functional Movement Screen was developed by Gray Cook as a way to measure your ability to perform basic movement patterns and to identify weaknesses and asymmetries in the body.
Gray modified this into the Basic Movement Screen, a set of seven tests that require a balance of mobility and stability.

Using this information, customised training and rehab programmes can be used to improve overall sports performance as well as being an excellent injury prevention tool. The Movement Screen gives a good baseline of abilities and, through re-screening, provides a consistent measure of progress.


The tests look simple but require good flexibility and control and are dynamic instead of static; each test isolates a different area of the body to prevent you from compensating and hiding weaknesses. The tester follows strict criteria on the grid to grade each movement and you have three opportunities to successfully complete the movement pattern.
If any of the movements are mechanically unsound this indicates you have asymmetries or limitations elsewhere.

  • Deep Squat

  • Hurdle Step

  • In-Line Lunge

  • Shoulder Mobility

  • Push-up

  • Active Straight Leg Raise

  • Rotational Stability

Are you moving poorly because you’re in pain?
Or are you in pain because you’re moving poorly?
— Gray Cook