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Billy leads dynamic workshops for small teams to large groups. From one hour keynotes to multi-day retreats. From hands-on workshops to inspiring, motivational talks.

You’ll only find one half of Movementum up on stage, talking to people. Frances is happiest working with clients one-on-one. She likes talking and debating, but not in front of large swathes of people. You’ll find her quietly expounding her views in the Journal.
Billy, on the other hand, loves talking. Sometimes Frances says he talks too much.

Turning this into a strength, he now shares his unique approach of how to live a natural life in the modern age on panel discussions, debates, conferences and podcasts.


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Keynote Topics

Love Your Bones

Love Your Bones

Your feet are amazing things, with 26 bones, 33 joints and over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments each of them can take an impact of up to 7 times your weight. But in this modern world of big trainers, cramped toes unvarying terrain, they aren't getting the love they deserve.

In this talk I'll be discussing the effects the modern world has had on our feet, and how that has a surprisingly large impact on the rest of our bodies.

I end by offering practical solutions to the problems caused by constraining our feet, before opening up to the room for questions and discussion.

An inside job

We are the indoor generation, spending 90% of our day inside and most of that sitting down; if we continue this way we have no chance of escaping with our health intact. We ignore our physiology at our peril. Coupled with significant lifestyle changes in the last 100 years, including the breakdown of traditional communities, the cult of the individual and living with the fallout from both the industrial and digital revolutions, no wonder a lot of us are struggling to keep up.

Mental health issues including addiction, suicide, depression, ADHD and loneliness plague our modern ‘utopia’, posing uncomfortable questions about the price of material progress, its impact on the world around us and our own sanity.

All is not lost, as awareness is the first part of the process I draw from current research to show how we can re-design our lives to maximise health and happiness.

Health doesn’t end at our front door and corporate culture needs to change; using the latest evidence I show how it’s not serving employees, and how health and happiness shouldn’t be vague notions, but an integral part of a successful business. A positive workplace culture boosts productivity by up to 20%, reduces absenteeism, increases staff retention and job satisfaction - a win-win for everyone.

An Inside Job
Head on a stickhead

Our interactive presentations will be the highlight of your event

Unless you are a head on a stick, some things are best learned by doing. I like to give people new experiences to challenge their perception of why movement matters. It’s not about fitness or exercise, but using our body as it’s meant to be used. I can tailor workshops specifically for your event, either indoors or outdoors and they are suitable for any age or fitness level.

  • Movement Games

Encourage you to move in a new, unexpected and playful ways.

  • Whole body check-in

How well do you know your body?

  • The art of falling

It’s not how we fall but how we get up again. Preferably without a hospital visit.

  • From the ground up

New sensations for your feet.

In a sense, we are all still hunter-gatherers and, although we can’t replicate our natural habitat entirely, we can optimise our lives to fit into the modern constraints we face.
— Billy