What is Natural movement Training?

Natural Movement helps us become capable and resilient through the progressive development of a wide variety of adaptive skills, as well as using the environment around us to create challenges with a depth and complexity that could not be recreated in a gym. Being truly functional means being a good all-rounder; an expert generalist with a broad range of skills.

Our hunter-gatherer ancestors led movement-rich lives, using their bodies to accomplish real goals all day every day; we, however, live in a non-moving convenience culture and this indoor, sedentary lifestyle is the root of many chronic and degenerative diseases.

Movement is more than exercise; as we become more active and able in everyday life we build confidence and our movement skills help prepare us for whatever life throws our way. By building a strong foundation of mobility, strength and technique we can improve our overall fitness and reduce the chance of injuries.


• 1 session | £30
• 3 sessions | £85
• 6 sessions | £150

• A productive & efficient way to learn
• Flexible and fits into your schedule
• Great for competition and performance preparation or injury rehabilitation
• Enables you to work on your individual weaknesses

Clients who book 3 or 6 sessions are entitled to an assesment incorporating Movement Screening and Anatomy in Motion as tools to identify compensatory movement patterns that increase the risk of injury.

Sessions are 1 hour long


• 1 session | £15 per person
• 3 sessions | £40 per person
• 6 sessions | £70 per person

• Fun multi-player games, drills and group challenges
• Motivation, support and encouragement
• Friendly competition
• More economical than one-to-one coaching
• Practical and fun partner acrobatics such as assisted climbs and lifts

For larger groups, team building and corporate enquiries please contact me directly.

Sessions are 1 hour long


• 1 month | £90
• 2 month | £160
• 4 month | £300

• Convenient and time saving
• Great for competition and performance preparation
• Flexible and fits into your schedule
• No gym subscription, travel or childcare

As I work with you to provide programming, guidance and ongoing support, I prefer a minimum contact time of once a week for progress updates and to talk about any difficulties.

The first session of every month will be a longer, more in-depth discussion about your current goals and lifestyle and what to do to improve it.


What is your experience?

I'm a multi-disciplinary performer and athlete and I've competed nationally in both climbing and Ninja Warrior as well as being a qualified parkour coach. I also perform and choreograph in parkour, acrobatics and dance performances. I now spend my days researching the ways in which our ancestors lived and moved, and what the benefits of a lifetime of movement are as well as the problems caused by the all to common modern sedentary life. For more information please see my resume.

Do you offer nutritional advice?

I offer nutritional guidance based on healthy, traditional diets and 'old ways' of eating; you can read more about it here.  

What type of results can i expect?

My focus isn't centred around building a specific physique; if you want to improve how your body moves and develop physical competency for practical performance come and train with me, the body that comes with this lifestyle is just a bonus. If all you want is a gym sculpted body there are many other trainers who offer that.    

Where do sessions take place?

I'm based in Manchester, although if you can't come to me I can come to you. For home visits there will be a surcharge for travel costs of 45p a mile.


Because gorillas don’t do deadlifts
— Me