Le Weekly • No. 1


Frances’ week in links

i. Waiting for the summer to arrive so I can treat myself to an chai spices ice cream.

ii. Currently watching this channel so I can look as effortless as the French women do.

ii. Always on the lookout for independent news and journalism.

iv. Has anyone checked this spot out in Manchester? I haven't been.

v. Next on my booklist.

vi. This recipe is everything. The naan bread comes out exactly like the photo. I added a peshwari mix into it and paired it with a beef Balti curry.

vii. I caved in and finally bought some ghee after telling myself I’d make it. This one gets extra points as it’s made out of grass fed organic butter.

viii. Cannot stop spiralising.

ix. Just finished watching Fargo. Any recommendations for what to watch next?

x. Eyeing up this jumper because it may as well be autumn.