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We may be able to regrow our cartilage

An interesting study was published this month which has shed light on the process of joint tissue repair and regeneration in humans which mirrors the ability of zebrafish and salamander to regrow limbs. Our current understanding is that human cartilage cannot regenerate itself, or at least, only to a very limited degree and is why repetitive joint injuries often lead to the breakdown of cartilage and eventually, osteoarthritis.

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Outdoor Classrooms - Time For A Comeback?

In 1907 London County Council built the first open air school in the UK and by 1937 there were 96 open air day schools in operation throughout Britain, with 53 of them being residential. Children were taught in classrooms that were designed to be fully or partially exposed to the outdoors and even slept outside exposed to the elements.

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Recipe • Brown Butter + Rosemary Popcorn

Popcorn has been reborn as a gourmet food in recent years. I, however, grew up eating the unholy sugar-laden Butterkist popcorn which stuck to my teeth. As I munched on another huge bag it occurred to me that I really should just start making my own as it is ridiculously easy and satisfying. I don’t own a microwave, so it’s stove-top popcorn every time for me.

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Digital Billboards and the search for timelessness

Our whole culture is underpinned by measured time. Instruments invented to track time have been traced back about 6000 years to the Egyptians yet it was only about 500 years ago that clocks became precise enough to be measured and minutes and seconds became the universal norm. To put this in perspective, if accepted human history spans 24 hours, 43 minutes represents the amount of time since clocks were invented and 3.5 minutes since we began using minutes and seconds.

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The Benefits of a Cobblestone Tray

A stone tray is a great way to reintroduce movement for our feet and requires very little time or effort - maximum gain for minimum effort!
Variety is the spice of life, so they say, and this applies as much to our feet as it does to other aspects of our lives. Convenience has its price and barefoot shoes can only do so much if we’re always walking on level surfaces and this limits restoring foot mobility.

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Dinner is Served (On The Floor)

When I was 18, I had a friend who was a lot older than me and when I visited her the only furniture in the house was a rocking chair (reserved for her partner) and a futon mattress that was used as her sofa. It never occurred to me to ask her why she’d chosen this living arrangement; I guess I chalked it up to her being ‘alternative’. Fast-forward a good many years later and here I am, in my own furniture-less abode.

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Why Office Air Is Making You Sick

Concentrating for long periods of time in a meeting room is hard going; how many of you have felt drowsy and unable to pay attention as the time goes on, reaching for another snack or cup of coffee to keep awake?
When you leave the room you take a few deep breaths, or go and stand outside and feel refreshed, like you’ve woken up.
There’s a sense that offices are benign places, that nothing bad happens in them, yet this veneer of respectability hides another truth.

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The Healing Web | Free PDF

I discovered the artist Dylan Louis Monroe and his Deep State Mapping projects earlier this year and have been eagerly awaiting the release of his free pdf ‘Healing Web’ which has finally been released today. His ‘Q-Web’ diagram spread virally across the dark web in 2018, becoming a worldwide phenomenon. It was published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the exhibit ‘Everything is Connected’ in September 2018.

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