Is Natural Movement Suitable For Beginners?


Absolutely! Often people either assume natural movement training is either too easy or too difficult for them; the reality is it's for everyone, no matter if your goal is to climb a tree with your kids or compete in the CrossFit Games; you can start at any age, ability, or fitness level.

Wherever you are now, realise that you can change your lifestyle into one with more movement and any skill can be broken down into regressions to meet you at the level you're at now. When you're ready, you can add progressions to further challenge yourself; there are infinite varieties in natural movement as to how to do this.

Make peace with the fact that progress takes time to get good enough to move on to the next thing; accept there are no shortcuts or quick-fixes to somewhere worth going. If you put the time and effort into mastering foundational movements and basic skills you will surprise yourself with how much you can do.

However impossible your goal may feel now, if you think you can do it - you probably can!

If your goal is to do a muscle-up I will break this complicated skill down into simplified variations which give you a solid foundation to progress. As you're new to training it will take time to learn new skills and develop strength as your muscles, tendons and connective tissue all have to get used to new loads being placed on them. Progress takes time and I make sure my clients pace themselves and train progressively to minimise injury.

Training the mind is just as important as training the body; skill-building is confidence-building as it gives you the tools to overcome the challenges, struggles and failure that pave the way to success. I've coached people who considered themselves unremarkable but with determination, dedication and consistency they're now seen as talented - the reality is their success is simply due to a lot of hard work.

If you've not done much physical exercise in a long time it can seem intimidating and hard to know where to begin. Start slowly, take your shoes off when your walk through the park, breathe in deeply, take notice of the temperatute and the season. Reconnection takes time and, for old habits to be replaced by new ones, it really is as simple as one step at a time.

For those ready to do the work, I look forward to connecting over a session.

- B