MovNat in a nutshell


The primary goal of Natural Movement is to reset people in their original – i.e evolutionary and biological movement behavior – in order to foster, restore and/or maintain health, fitness, well-being, happiness, and even a sense of freedom.

Secondly to equip people with the movement skills and overall physical competency required for practical situations of the real-life that demand a physical response. Such competency is timeless, and the individuals who possess it are strong in a way that is useful to themselves, others and the community, 'be fit to be useful'.

The notion of “bodyweight” training is based of using one’s body weight for resistance and strength development. Similarly, modern calisthenics training emphasizes muscular and strength development through bodyweight training exclusively, regardless of the practicality of the drills.

On the other hand, the practice of the MovNat Natural Movement system emphasizes all practical movement skills and physiological adaptations (including strength, power, and more) associated to these skills, and including manipulative skills (such as lifting, carrying, throwing and catching) that demand resistance to an external weight. While many of the movements performed in MovNat would be considered “body-weight” training by calisthenics aficionados, the practice is not limited, or solely focused on moves using exclusively the body.

The focus of MovNat is practicality, adaptability, effectiveness and efficiency.

MovNat and Parkour share similar roots (The “Methode Naturelle” by French physical education pioneer Georges Hebert) and both emphasize practical and adaptable, natural movements. Parkour though is not as generalised as MovNat – it doesn’t involve the manipulative skills of lifting, carrying, throwing, catching, or combative and aquatic skills – while also strongly emphasizing jumping and vaulting moves, mostly in urban environments.

In a nutshell, Natural Movement contributes to the self-actualization of people so they can enjoy a greater quality of life and is also a mindful practice emphasizing awareness, body-mind connection, as well as a connection with Nature, and the respect of it.

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Action is the only channel whereby the feeling, the intent is allowed to be expressed and experienced
— Estelle Reder